Geeks for Games – War of the Races Play-through Video

10-13-15 - EPISODE 73

Geeks for Games have published a play-through of War of the Races on their YouTube channel! These guys were nice enough to work with us on creating a 1 v 1 play-through video, and it was awesome to see how things went down when we were there for rule clarifications. It’s a huge help as we learn different ways to engage players, clarify rules, and clean up some gameplay mechanics.

While Geeks for Games did a fantastic job playing through the game, there are some clarifications to the rules we’d like to point out:

  • On the first turn, a sorcerer is chained but is not transported to the opposing prison. This should have happened – chained opponents can be used against other players or sacrificed to bring back a dead King.
  • At 9:00 minutes, Archie should have taken 8 damage, not 2 as he did not account for the soldier’s damage and didn’t defend it.
  • The priestess that Archie used only has 4 points that can be distributed evenly (I.E 3 to Army health and 1 to the King, 2 to Army health or 2 to the king, 1 to Army health 3 to the King)
  • At @13:44, Patrick countered a Mystic that was pushed back at him. Once this happened, Archie didn’t have to defend it, unless Patrick had chained the Mystic. When anything is pushed back, you simply have to defend against it – defending it does not redirect it back to the player who laid the Mystic.
  • During the final turn, @18:00 Archie had chains he could have used to free up his hand throughout the game. In addition, there are only 6 shields in each deck. Patrick was likely left with so many Shields due to a bad shuffle or not using them correctly throughout the game – we’ve never seen this happen, and it’s very unlikely it would ever happen, assuming the shuffle is good to begin with!
  • At the end, the Wraith was used as a card that “Pushed everything back” when it only makes it so all of your cards (damaging and non-damaging) are un-blockable in any way.

So with those clarifications out of the way, enjoy the play-through video by Geeks for Games below! 🙂


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